Tigs & Moo

About Tigs & Moo

Tigs and Moo is a body butter, which is a lotion that has no water in it. It is made up of oils and butters which make it naturally thicker than a lotion. It is whipped to give it a lighter texture and its effectiveness on the skin as a result is superior to most lotions.
100% natural. There are raw ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic olive oil, as well as Vitamin E oil and vanilla.
The various butters that make up the ingredients can help reduce loss of moisture to the skin, treat skin irritations, help protect against cracking and inflammation, promote healing and skin regeneration, soothe the skin, help to fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks, help improve the skin’s elasticity. Shea alone is known for its healing, protecting and nourishing properties; and is known to protect the skin from UV rays.
We asked the Owner why she loves Tigs and Moo?
“The idea of creating a body butter started because it was necessary. My son, nicknamed Moo, has Eczema, a milk allergy and very sensitive skin. All shop bought, or prescribed cream, brings him out in a rash. He reacts very badly to the preservatives contained within them. The care, attention and the reason for making this is what I believe sets it apart from the high street butters. It was made completely out of concern for my son’s skin.The average person applies over 168 chemicals to their body every day. When I realised I could make a difference, I had to do something.”
Owner and Creator of Tigs and Moo

Reviewed and Recommended by The NOIR Standard

What did we think?

Tigs and Moo is a body butter that I have used many times. It’s one of the only products you will catch me scrapping the bottom of the tub to make sure none of it is wasted. It smells divine, as well as leaving your skin soft and smooth all day. It is created at home with love using 100% natural ingredients that support healthy skin function the natural way.
The NOIR Standard would highly recommend.
Jack Callow
Founder of The NOIR Standard