Haringey Communities Against violence

Haringey Communities Against Violence

About Haringey Communities Against Violence

Haringey Communities Against Violence (HCAV) is an umbrella organisation of independent grassroots groups set up to help reduce violence. They are comprised of local residents and people who work on the principle that the community must be at the centre of any solutions and in particular the black community who are disproportionately affected by street violence. Haringey Communities against violence provides a balance of early interventions, preventions, deterrents and support. They take the view that all Haringey residents, regardless of ethnicity, should take responsibility for helping to ensure that all children and young individuals have equal opportunities. HCAV is well placed to help deliver the ‘public health’ approach set out in Haringey ‘Young People at Risk’ strategy and the governments’ serious violence strategy. This is as a result of of HCAV’s community membership, skillsets of those involved and due to its commitment to making a difference.

They offer a wide range of services from a unique helpline, support with trauma and healing to bridging the gap between the community and the police.

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