Black Minds Matter UK

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Black Minds Matter UK

About Black Minds Matter UK


Their mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services — by professional Black therapists, specifically for Black trauma. To make this happen, they want to make mental health topics more relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K., removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community.

The Black Minds Matter U.K. fund is used to cover the cost of the services people need most — including up to 12 sessions of therapy. With a growing collective of certified, professional, culturally competent therapists — beginning the journey towards improved mental health is as easy as browsing the collective, choosing a therapist and arranging a consultation. 

How to book a consultation? 

The simple steps towards receiving your first free therapy session with a Black therapist are as follows:

  • First, browse the Black Minds Matter UK collective
  •  Next, choose a therapist based on your needs
  • Then, request an assessment with your chosen practitioner 
  • If they are available, they will complete a short assessment with you
  • Once this assessment is finalised, they will release the funds to your therapist (so no extra admin for you)
  • The maximum course of therapy is 12 sessions.
  • The cost of therapy is dependant on the therapist you chose but will fall within the average bracket of £50-75