All Black Lives UK

About All Black Lives UK

All Black Lives UK is a youth led activist movement organising protests every Sunday to fight for racial equality and justice for all black individuals across the UK and is actively working towards a global change in the fight against racism. On Sunday the 6th of June, activists across the country collaboratively came together to protest and ensure their voices were heard in this fight for justice. The protests amassed over 50,000 supporters as individuals stood in solidarity to make sure that the message is heard, that black lives matter. Furthermore, All Black Lives UK were the organisers of the protest in Bristol which saw the dismantling and tearing down of the Colston statue, which sent waves throughout the globe, resulting in many more statues associated with the slave trade and racism being toppled by protesters.
Primarily this non-profit organisations main aim is to continue to exercise the right to protest until their demands are met. Their 5 key demands can be seen below in the organisations main flyer; which will be featured below.
In order to keep up with information regarding protests and to keep up with this organisations affairs, follow them on social media which you can find them at the following handle across Twitter and Instagram: @allblacklivesuk
Additionally if you would like to help support this organisation financially, they have set up a GoFundMe page in which all money will go towards ensuring protests are well equipped and run safely and to help ensure the message, black lives matter, is heard.