The Blackboard is the official home for our very own articles and informational series’. We currently write opinion pieces focused on but not limited to; race, racism and culture, predominantly in the UK. Furthermore, there are currently 3 of our own educational series’ you can find on The Blackboard: Let’s Talk About Racism, Let’s Talk About Mental Health and The Black Excellence Collection. You can also find this content on our social media so you can share with your friends. The purpose of this content is to help educate the UK on racism and mental health so we can help fight back against the oppressions of society.

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The Directory

The Directory is a hand-pick selection of successful, hard-working and independent Black-Owned businesses.

We also have a directory for Creators, whether it be Art, Music or Writing. Whatever the creative craft, this is a directory that welcomes people of all job descriptions.

If you would like to join the directory, please email:

Why the focus on the Black Community?

It is sad to say we always knew there was an issue with racism in this country, however, it is definitely a bigger issue than many of us may have comprehended. The UK is not innocent and racism is still a big problem in this country. Our education system refuses to acknowledge it’s duty to make education a racially inclusive and honest environment, the justice system is institutionally racist and in desperate need of reform, and our healthcare system that we respect so much and we understand works so hard, still, suffers institutional racism and neglects the Black and Ethnic minority communities. As a result, we were inspired to build a directory of Black-Owned businesses to support the growth and opportunity for Black-Owned businesses in the UK. Furthermore, after a UK newspaper wrote a defamatory article about two incredible young Black women leading a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest movement across the UK, we decided to start doing the news our way, free from agenda, just stories we believe are important. Telling them as they are, not how we want them to be heard.